Local Firestore Development

The Google Cloud Firestore emulator requires a Java 8+ JRE installed and on your system PATH.

If you need to install Java, you can get it from here: https://adoptium.net/ (opens in a new tab):

Run the following commands in your shell:

gcloud components install cloud-firestore-emulator
# or if already installed:
# gcloud components update

Choose the port you want to use for the Firestore emulator, for example 9999, and export the FIRESTORE_EMULATOR_HOST environment variable:

export FIRESTORE_EMULATOR_HOST="localhost:9999"

Start the emulator:

gcloud emulators firestore start --host-port="$FIRESTORE_EMULATOR_HOST"

When the exported FIRESTORE_EMULATOR_HOST environment variable is set, the Firestore client will automatically use it to connect to the emulator.

Press Ctrl-C when you want to stop the Firestore emulator.

For more detail, see the docs for Emulate Firestore locally (opens in a new tab).